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MZX125 Digital Addressable Fire Detection System

The MZX125 is a highly featured digital addressable panel with a comprehensive but easy to operate user interface. The system provides a single loop of 125 addresses making it suitable for small to medium size premises.

The MXDigital protocol is robust enough to operate over most cable types making it an ideal choice for upgrades where existing cables can be reused to dramatically cut costs. The built in power supply will charge the internal batteries and support a full compliment of loop powered sounders and beacons in accordance with the requirements of BS5839.

The MZX125 is a fire detection controller at the heart of a comprehensive fire detection system that can be used to protect both life and property.

A matching 16 zone fully functional repeater is available. A maximum of 7 repeaters can be driven from the control panels 2 wire remote bus, the repeater houses its own mains psu and batteries.


  • Long term service and support
  • Two way IR communications with Generation 6 Detectors reduces commissioning and service costs.
  • Supports 1 MXDigital loop with125 addresses
  • 2 KM loop length
  • 16 way zonal LED display
  • High level User Interface with “Front Panel Controls” to reduce lifetime cost of ownership
  • Wide range of multi-sensor detectors including the 3oTec triple sensing detections. Early detection without false alarms.
  • Wide range of ancillaries including door control to BS7273 category A
  • Matching 16 Zone Fully Functional Mains powered Repeater
  • Approved to EN54 the system is designed to be installed to BS5839
This product is available in the UK
This product is available in mainland Europe

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