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AMS-9040 Anti-Theft System

The AMS-9040 controller deters theft by activating an alarm when it detects the unique response of an active Ultra•Max EAS hard plastic tag or disposable label.

To detect a tag/label:

  • Antenna(s) connected to the controller emit a magnetic field close to the tag/label’s natural frequency causing it to vibrate or “ring” at the frequency of the field. When the field is removed, energy in the tag/label dissipates resulting in a unique signal.
  • The controller processes signals picked up by the antennas to determine if they are indicative of a tag/label signal.
  • If a tag/label signal is detected, the controller activates audio-visual indicators on antennas and other alarm devices, if used.


  • “Digital 4” type antenna support. The controller supports up to four “Digital 4“ transceiver antennas, up to eight receiver antennas, and up to four noise coils. Ultra•Loop antennas are also supported for non-European installations.
  • Audio/Visual alarm control. The controller activates audio/visual alarms in pedestal antennas.
  • Each antenna’s alarm parameters can be independently selected and adjusted for zone identification.
  • Supports audio messages in pedestal antennas. Each pedestal can have a unique message.
  • Auto synchronization. To avoid interference from nearby EAS detectors, upon power up or system reset, the controller automatically adjusts its operation to the ac-timed functions of nearby EAS transmitters, if detected.
    Note: If an optional wireless synchronization device is used, the system uses its signal as the timing reference instead.
  • Jammer event trigger. The controller can be set to alert store personnel to the presence of a 58kHz jamming device.
  • Tag-too-close function. This function is used with pedestal antennas having built-in visual indicators to help prevent false alarms. With this function selected, the red lamp on top of the antenna blinks twice every four seconds for one minute when the system detects one or more tags or labels displayed too close to the antenna.
  • Power connection. Ac power connects to the controller using a power cord or hardwired cable.
    • Supports 100-120Vac or 200-240Vac.
    • Built-in knockouts for conduit.


The following devices can connect to the controller to enhance its function.

  • Remote alarm/message unit: A remote alarm (ZC30) or message unit (ZC35) indicates when a tag or label is detected. This component is required for AMS-2001 antennas and optional for all others. The controller can power and control up to two remote alarms/message units.
  • Beacon lamps: The controller can actuate up to two beacon lamps.
  • External annunciators: The controller has four relay outputs to trigger external annunciators such as security cameras upon tag/label detection.
  • Sensormatic alarm management or traffic flow device: This device enhances the system by offering data logging and people counting functions.
  • Wireless synchronization device: This device enables the controller to avoid electrical interference with nearby EAS transmitters.
  • Auxiliary receive antennas: Also known as ferrite antennas, these wall or ceiling-mounted antennas only receive; they do not transmit and they do not contain an alarm. These antennas are available in the following designs:
    • Ranger antennas
    • Satellite antennas
    • Sky•Max® antennas.

      Note: These antennas can also serve as noise
      canceling antennas. The system can support up to eight receiver antennas and four noise canceling antennas.
This product is available in the UK
This product is available in mainland Europe

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