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C•CURE 9000 Site Server

C•CURE 9000 SiteServer is a powerful yet affordable access control solution, ideal for applications such as regional offices, retail outlets, schools, satellite building and healthcare facilities. C•CURE 9000 SiteServer is a true network appliance and using an embedded OS, it offers web-based security and event management capable of controlling systems with up to 32 readers. By eliminating the need for a standard PC with its associated installation and management costs, C•CURE 9000 SiteServer provides an even more cost-effective access control solution.

C•CURE 9000 SiteServer is pre-installed with the latest version of C•CURE 9000 so there is no software to install; an IP network connection is all you need to harness the power of C•CURE 9000 and get started. A C•CURE 9000 SiteServer may be configured and managed using a standard C•CURE workstation or, if system management is needed from a number of locations, a standard web-browser like Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla® Firefox® or Google™ Chrome can logon to the system. This saves the need to install dedicated workstation software onto corporate computers and adds the freedom possibilities of secure system management from virtually any location.

C•CURE 9000 SiteServer is delivered with pre-installed software which means you spend less time installing and configuring applications, gathering license data and installing service packs. C•CURE 9000 SiteServer also includes a pre-configured database which further reduces the time needed to configure and program doors, clearances, schedules, alarms and other system objects. Add the fact that the software is intuitive and user-friendly and operator training is greatly simplified.

A 16 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) provides enhanced system reliability because, with no moving parts, solid-state drives are less fragile than hard disks which can wear out with repetitive use. Access time and latency are low as there are no mechanical delays.

C•CURE 9000 SiteServer can be deployed in a desktop, rack-mount, or wall-mount configuration, and is compatible with a wide-range of Software House door controllers and RM readers including the iSTAR Edge two-reader IP door controller.

Fully-featured C•CURE 9000 software allows C•CURE 9000 SiteServer to provide powerful security and event management features in a compact, network appliance.


  • Ready-to-go out-of-the box with pre-installed C•CURE 9000 software
  • Cost-effective, entry-level access control solution reduces total installation costs with pre-installed OS and software
  • Efficient design reduces IT management costs with less time required updating software
  • Supports up to 32 readers
  • Intuitive C•CURE 9000 Web Client simplifies operator training
  • Includes pre-configured database of readers, doors, controllers, and other standard objects to reduce setup time
  • 16 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) provides enhanced system reliability
  • Four independent Ethernet LAN ports for private subnets protect against system intrusion
  • Compatible with wide-range of Software House iSTAR controllers, including the powerful iSTAR Edge two-reader
  • IP door controller, and RM readers
  • Flexible mounting options – desktop, wall-mount, or 19-inch rack
  • 12VDC power input allows unit to be powered directly from separate battery-backed security power supply
This product is available in the UK
This product is available in mainland Europe

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